Identiva Security Research Team

Sergio Demian Lerner

Sergio is a computer security and cryptocurrency expert. He is well known in the Bitcoin community and he is a prolific blogger about privacy, cryptography and cryptocurrencies ( He designed several innovative alt-coins such as QixCoin and NimbleCoin. He is currently the CEO at Certimix, a company which has audited the security of many Bitcoin related companies, and designed the Firmcoin. Sergio holds several patents (some of them pending) on different technologies such as Bitcoin mining ASICs, authentication, software attestation, hardware wallets, and peer to peer technologies. Sergio was the founder of Pentatek, a successful medical equipment company. Working at Pentatek, Sergio led hi-tech interdisciplinary projects on real-time medical systems, data acquisition, and digital signal processing. Currently Sergio is CTO at several cryptocurrency projects: Nimblecoin, QixCoin and FirmCoin. Past positions: Security Consulting (Core Security Technologies), Assistant teacher in Cryptography (UBA), Project leader (Special Information Security Research Group / DGI).

Víctor Suárez Rovere

Victor is an independent developer with ample experience in projects based on I+D, and has directed the development and implementation of several science-based projects which are currently of widespread use in the industry. Being an expert in computer technology (software, electronics, embedded devices, DSP), Victor was teacher at the University of Buenos Aires and is also admitted before Argentine Patent Office as a registered Patent Agent. As inventor he recently has obtained a patent for a computer innovation, and outstanding national and international awards, such as in the International Invention Fair “IIFME 3”: Gold Medal in Computer Category, at the Official Government Argentine Innovation Contest “INNOVAR”: Top prize among 2000+ participants, at EMPRETEC/United Nations Business Plan Competition: 1st prize, and at World Intellectual Property Organization: Gold medal to best young inventor.


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